Saturday, February 06, 2010

WILSoN & MaGiCaL MaNTiS *VIDEO * 2:31

WiLSoN and the massive late Summer MaNTiS - 2 magical garden sprites captured in the performance art piece that you've been hearing so much about - a rare interpretive dance in which each is unaware of the other's presence. A must-see!
Running Time 2:31


Kathleen Bethell said...

This is hauntingly beautiful.

Dr Kate said...

such grace, such beauty...insects and mammals alike!

Paloma said...

Beautiful pictures! The music of mantis'dance is "le carnaval des animaux" written by Camille St Saens, isnt-it?

Paul said...

Truly a great masterpiece. I hope the mantis did indeed receive all due respect for its role. Paloma, I do believe you're right; Movement 7, "The Aquarium", by Camille St Saens!