Thursday, January 03, 2008

> BLoG BLoB <

Can you identify this amorphous blobular mass? If so, please contact the authorities, or else leave a message here on WiLSoN'S BloG.


Alice said...

just stumbled on Wilson's blog and love it!!! Thankyou!!
PS good to see that it is cool somewhere - we are sweltering downunder and already looking forward to winter and some habitable days...

lu said...

Hi Wilson, i can see you live in a truly wonderland home. So glad you found your current house pals. they are a very cool bunch as you already know! keep up the good photo work. you are a natural!
auntie lu

Anonymous said...

Uh, WiLSoN, I think I recognize this... It reminds me of my mom... the first one, that is. :-)


Cousin Domino-no