Thursday, December 21, 2006


WiLSoN seen here, silently observing the Solstice, sending peaceful wishes of goodwill to all.

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Anonymous said...

Finally checked in to see what Wilse's been up to all these months - well worth the trip!!! That Wilson leads a charmed life - such a beautiful environment; so rich in wonder beings. The tiny green frogettes that Wislon seems not to be able to see are wonderful - never seen such meself & I keep a look out. Incredible pictures of - well all of them. But I'm thinking esp of the Mantis - mating too, bug porn. Aren't you ashamed? How Mello that Wilson must be nose to nose w/Princess. Amazing. So sorry Sally got ouched by that catapillar. Never seen nor heard of that being either. Wonders upon wonders! Youz are great. keep a-bloggin